Posted by J on Sep 21st 2023

What DC power supply to use on motor driver?

The Falcon Laser machine has a DM580s driver for the Y motor(573s20). We did some testing on the voltage and current of the driver's input. We can see as the speed increases, the current and power dra …

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Apr 17th 2023

Note on Laser Design Files for Beginner

For someone new to Laser, one thing you will need to learn is the digital files. Good thing is you may try it at home for free first. For example, our Forum has download links of LaserCAD and Lase …

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Jan 10th 2023

Tips for using rotary on fiber laser engraver

When using rotary on a desktop fiber laser engraver, it usually marks an area, then rotates, then marks the next area. You will notice the gap between every two sections. It is caused by the non flat …

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Dec 17th 2022

Troubleshoot stepper motor issue

When a motor does not run, we will need to find out which of the following components is/are not working: Laser controller, motor driver, motor, and wiring. One way is to change each component with sp …

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Jun 16th 2022

Parts list for DIY gantry

If you need an uncommon size gantry, the best bet is to make one yourself. We have most of the major parts to get you started: …

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