Sep 18th 2021

Glass laser tube dropping test

Here is one type of common packaging of laser tube. Soft foam absorbs impact well.This 130W laser tube was dropped horizontally. At 6ft, there is no noticeable damage. At 8ft, the water inlet cracked. …

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Aug 24th 2021

A Closer Look at Glass Laser Tube

Some of you may have never looked at the light inside the laser tube. Glass and laser does not absorb much visible light, so we are able to see the pink light. At low mA, you can see the pink light at …

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Aug 6th 2021

DIY conveyor for laser marking

Most fiber laser galvo systems have limited working area. When engraving large/wide image, manual alignment is time consuming for production job. EZcad has Splitmark2 function to do the large area j …

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Posted by J on Jul 2nd 2021

Automatic laser air assist switch

Are you tired of adjusting the air between cutting and engraving? Let this following setup do the job for you.Many machines are using the wind output of the controllers to control the main air. For …

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Jun 29th 2021

Engrave large diameter object on K40 laser

K40 is small. If we do not cut a large opening at the bottom, we cannot fit large diameter object even on the low profile rotary. way to put in …

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