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LightObject Q1600 Water Chiller


Retail Price $595.00

LightObject’s Q1600 Water Chiller offers exceptional performance, consistency, and reliability thank…

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Aluminum blades



Aluminum blades Ideal for DIY laser cutting bed fabrication. Thickness: 8mm (5⁄16in) Height: 35mm (…

Large Extension case1

Large Extension Case Specification Case Dimension: 8" W x 11 1/2" H x 13 3/4" L Hole's distance: 17…

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Cutting OD thread on CO2 laser with rotary

Not everyone has a lathe in their garage. However, if you have a rotary, you may make a coarse threa

May 17th 2021

How to fit a different focal length lens on the existing laser head

It may not be easy to find the right lens adapter to make the laser barrel longer/shorter. One way i

May 14th 2021

​How to remove a pulley gear from a stepping motor?

Ans: you need a gear puller. Do not try to pull the gear out without the special puller, or you may

Apr 6th 2021