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LightObject Q1600 Water Chiller


Retail Price $595.00

LightObject’s Q1600 Water Chiller offers exceptional performance, consistency, and reliability thank…

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Inline Exhaust Fan side
$72.50 - $125.00

This is an inline Exhaust Fan/Air Blower for CO2 Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine. It provides great …

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Cleaning chiller's water pump

When dirty things are stuck inside the water pump, water flow rate will be low and laser tube can ge

Nov 18th 2021

Beam combiner alignment

To make use of the red dot beam combiner, we need to align it with the CO2 laser first. Stick a pie

Nov 4th 2021

Connecting Lightburn to controller

Sometimes we need to manually setup connection between Lightburn and laser controller. For USB conne

Sep 24th 2021