Connecting Lightburn to controller

Sep 24th 2021

Sometimes we need to manually setup connection between Lightburn and laser controller. For USB connection, we need to install the driver first. For AWC controller: When installing LaserCAD, choos … read more
Common types of laser machine gantry rail

Common types of laser machine gantry rail

Sep 24th 2021

Some customers ask about the difference between inner gantry rail and outer rail. Inner rail is harder to clean/reach. When the rail is not straight, the mirror will be at a larger angle than using ou … read more

Glass laser tube dropping test

Sep 17th 2021

Here is one type of common packaging of laser tube. Soft foam absorbs impact well.This 130W laser tube was dropped horizontally. At 6ft, there is no noticeable damage. At 8ft, the water inlet cracked. … read more

A Closer Look at Glass Laser Tube

Aug 24th 2021

Some of you may have never looked at the light inside the laser tube. Glass and laser does not absorb much visible light, so we are able to see the pink light. At low mA, you can see the pink light at … read more

DIY conveyor for laser marking

Aug 6th 2021

Most fiber laser galvo systems have limited working area. When engraving large/wide image, manual alignment is time consuming for production job. EZcad has Splitmark2 function to do the large area j … read more