Glass laser tube dropping test

Sep 17th 2021

Here is one type of common packaging of laser tube. Soft foam absorbs impact well.

This 130W laser tube was dropped horizontally. At 6ft, there is no noticeable damage. At 8ft, the water inlet cracked.

Next, another tube was dropped vertically. At 1ft it was fine. At 1.5ft, the glass hit the cardboard/floor. Even if it did not hit the cardboard, there was very little support on the inner glass vertically.

We stuffed SOFT foam at the end, and drop a 150w laser tube vertically. 3ft is ok. At 3.5ft, the inner spiral glass cracked.

Did the same thing to an 80w tube. 1.5ft is ok. At 3ft it hit the cardboard. There was not much space to stuff foam inside.

Do not handle the glass tube vertically!