Connecting Lightburn to controller

Sep 24th 2021

Sometimes we need to manually setup connection between Lightburn and laser controller.

For USB connection, we need to install the driver first. 

For AWC controller: When installing LaserCAD, choose to "install USB driver."

For R6 controller: install RDworks.

For T9 controller: install Lasersoft.

If the usb driver is successfully installed, under Windows device manager, the usb device should not have yellow! icon.

Ethernet connection does not need usb driver. First is to find out the IP address of you computer.

For Windows: You may check under “Network.” ->“Properties.” ->“View Status”->”Local Area Connection.” Click "detail" and look for the IPV4 address.

For Mac: Under "Network" in the System Preferences panel->"Show"->lan->TCP/IP

Add 1 to the forth number. For example, if the computer ip is, we can put in both Lightburn and the laser controller.

Lightburn may show "disconnected," but you should be able to send job file if it is setup correctly.