DIY conveyor for laser marking

Aug 6th 2021

Most fiber laser galvo systems have limited working area. When engraving large/wide image, manual alignment is time consuming for production job. EZcad has Splitmark2 function to do the large area job. However, buying a small belt conveyor or a ball screw gantry is not cheap. Here is an idea of building a belt conveyor.

For the base, we can use a piece of wood board. If your machine already has a 2phase motor driver, you only need a motor such as:

This wheel is handy because it already has a mount with screw holes. We can use this as supports underneath.

Glue a piece of wood board on the belt. Note that the traveling distance is affected by its length. To join the belt, we can just staple it because it does not need full rotation. It may take a while to make the fixtures. But the cost of this DIY is low.

Another way is to take apart our small rotary.

Put two rollers far apart and put some belts on them. We still need to put some supports in the middle if they are very far apart though, especially if the workpiece is heavy.