Jun 7th 2022

Two types of high power laser tubes

We carry two types of compacted high power CO2 laser tubes.JK laser tubes combine the power of two tubes using a beam combiner. The two tubes have different polarizations, so the combiner optics can r …

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Jun 6th 2022

Small laser power supply pinout

Some customers ask about replacement laser power supply for small machine. They do not want to get the same low quality power supply which fails easily, but they found that our laser power supply has …

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May 3rd 2022

Rotary Setup on 7813 Laser Controller

After connecting a rotary device to the machine, we need to adjust the scale in the controller setting. Different rotaries have different gear ratios and roller diameters, we have to do some trial an …

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Mar 14th 2022

Laser Tube Positioning

Some machines have limited space for laser tube mounts. To put in a large diameter laser tube, it is ok to raise one mount higher so the laser beam can hit the first mirror. Just be careful about ai …

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Feb 10th 2022

Aligning laser machine bed Z table

Sometimes crashes happen, we need to realign the work table. BTW, We carry DIY kit to build a motorized z table. To make discussion simple, we assume the laser beam go straight down the center of the …

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