Jun 6th 2022

Small laser power supply pinout

Some customers ask about replacement laser power supply for small machine. They do not want to get the same low quality power supply which fails easily, but they found that our laser power supply has different pinout. Here is a picture that helps you with the swap.

The original laser power supply is packed with a DC24V output and laser output. Putting too many things together makes it cheap, but it fails easily.

For port A, pin L is not used usually. To get 24V power, we need to add a 24V power supply as shown in picture. COM is the same as G here. If you need high wattage 5V output, you may add this to the 24V:


We also have a high power 24V for big motors.


Port B has two G, which can be combined to the one G on our laser power supply. P is the same as the WaterProtect pin. H pin on our laser power supply is not used in this case. The 5V pin on our laser power supply can power a regular red dot pointer.

Another type of power supply has a slightly different port B (5V IN G K+ K- G P). K+ is the same as the L on Lightobject power supply.

Port C is almost the same as our laser power supply. Pin L is for laser tube ground wire, which is equal to the black wire on the back of our laser power supply.

To control our laser power supply, 4 of the 6 signal pins need to be connected. WP pin needs to be 0V. IN pin reads 0~5V for power output level. When L pin gets 0V, the laser fires. H and 5V pins are optional.