LM2596 High Input (7V~40V) Switching 5V Power Module/ Regulator

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This is a switching mode 5V regulator that generates much less heat than the 78xx series regulator. That's why no heat sink is required for 1A or less usage. It's safe to be used in a golf cart, whose electric system runs as high as 40V. It is perfect fit for all vehicles,boats, and bike systems. No pigtail is required.


  • Input: 6V~40V DC
  • Type: Common ground and switching
  • Output: 5V DC
  • Power: 15 Watt max
  • Current: 1.5A or 2.5A peak (heat sink required if current is over 1.5A)
  • Size: 41.6mm * 26mm * 14.3mm