Jun 6th 2022

Two types of high power laser tubes

We carry two types of compacted high power CO2 laser tubes.
JK laser tubes combine the power of two tubes using a beam combiner. The two tubes have different polarizations, so the combiner optics can reflect one beam and let the other one pass through. To get better detail engraving, we can turn off one of the tubes to get half power. It is hard to fit the laser inside a small machine. We can put it outside on a table. Align it directly to the second mirror, bypassing the first mirror. To keep it aligned, we need to make the position of the table fixed relative to the laser machine though.

The SPT v model is more compacted. It uses mirrors to "link" the two inner tubes together. Because of this design, one of the ground wires of the power supply is not low voltage. The laser output window is not at the center of the tube, so we may rotate the tube a little bit to adjust the height position of the laser output.

When time is money, it makes sense to get a high power laser tube to get high cutting speed.