SATURN II 1300 x 900 51" x 35.5" CO2 Hybrid Metal/ Non-metal laser cutter

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Product Description

LightObject’s Saturn II is All-in-One dual-laser head hybrid laser engraving/cutting machine capable of cutting both traditional materials such as wood and acrylic as well as steel and other sheet metals. The Saturn II’s dual head/tube technology allows for rapid metal cutting on the included 130-watt tube while the separate 80-watt tube is boasts exceptional-quality engraving.

Compared to fiber lasers, hybrid CO2 lasers are a cost-effective approach to cutting metals that offer flexibility between materials as well as easy maintenance. While hybrid CO2 lasers produce cuts just shy of “production-quality”, the minimal slag that is produced is easily remedied. Hybrid CO2 lasers require supplemental oxygen or similar consumable gasses during metal cutting operations.

The Saturn II-series laser also features a powered Z-axis, allowing you to control the height of the honeycomb bed to better accommodate various size materials, with a capacity of up to 120lbs. The honeycomb bed is also removable to allow for an additional 6” of clearance, if needed.

While the default 80/130-watt CO2 laser tube is powerful enough to cut through 3/4” plywood, 1.5mm stainless, and 2mm mild steel, we also offer up to an 80/180-watt variant for those who require additional speed/power.

Starting from Mar 2021 - LightBurn software included!

Special features

  • Dual laser head configuration
  • Closed loop stepper for faster engraving
  • Dual laser tube: 80W & 130W
  • High speed engraving with 80W


  • Capacitive Auto-height adjusting cutting head 
  • Operating voltage: AC 110V 12A, 50/60Hz or 200~220V, 6A, 50/60Hz (recommended for 130W or above)
  • Dual laser tube: 80W & 130W(upgradable to 180W)
  • DSP: Trocen hybrid controller 
  • Precision: 0.05mm , resolution: 0.1mm
  • Cooling: Water cooled (chiller included)
  • Open bed design for easy material handling
  • Back feed opening height: 40mm /1.57"
  • Bed: blades
  • Gas assisted: Oxygen with solenoid control
  • Metal cutting capability: 1.5mm(~1/16") stainless steel and 2.0mm(5/64'") mild steel
  • Wood cutting capability: up to 19mm(3/4")
  • Interface: USB port and Ethernet 
  • USB memory drive support: Yes
  • Micro step panning: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty period except laser tubes(1 year),  optics and mirrors(6 months)

On-site Free training for California Customers  We will show you how to use the software and teach you basic maintenance skills. (Note: Customer pay for travel expense).

All our machines are Calibrated and Quality Controlled in California before delievery. 

Note: We only accept bank transfers and money orders. Full payment is required prior to shipment.

Demo on Hybrid laser machine:

Other Details

Work Area:
51" x 35.5"
78.5" x 64" x 44"
Default Tube:
130W and 80W (upgradable to 150 W and 80W)
Trocen Hybrid
LaserCAD (Win) / LightBurn (Win, Mac & Linux)

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