OMI300 X-series 8'x4' Flat Bed Laser Cutting Machine with servos

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LightObject’s Omi300 X-Series is a high-end professional laser engraving/cutting machine that features with servo motors and rack-pinion. The max cutting speed: 600mm/s

Common supplemental software includes but is not limited to CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Inkscape, and more. By supporting file transfer directly over flash drives and other USB media devices, the controller eliminates the need for an external PC. While the controller runs on LaserCad/RDWorks software, it also supports LightBurn.  LightBurn is a third-party laser software that gives users access to a very intuitive interface allowing them to complete work with little to no training.

The Omi300 X-Series utilizes dual servo motor on the Y-axis provides plenty of power to drive the heavy duty  gantry to run smoothly without hesitation. It utilizes rack pinion system (not belt driven) on the X-Series, eliminating potential backlash or vibration which is crutial when cutting heat sensive materials such as acrylic or plexi-glass.

While the default 100-watt CO2 laser tube is powerful enough to cut through 3/4” plywood, we also offer up to a 3000-watt variant for those who require additional speed/power. Due to the power output of this unit, water cooling is required. As such, a LightObject 1600W chiller is included with the purchase of this unit.

**Free LO-1600W water chiller!  Free extra lens set included!**

Onsite Free training for California Customers.  We will spend a whole day with you to show you how to use the software and teach you basic maintenance skills. (Note: Customer pay for travel expense).

All our machines are Calibrated and Quality Controlled in California before delivery. 

Shipping & Handling to US customers in 48 states that can range from $800 to $2800. Please contact us for checking shipping cost and other details.

LightBurn software included with Machine purchase!


  • CO2 Power:  Standard 100W laser tube; optional 130W, 150W, 200W, 260W, and 300W upgrade available
  • Tube Trigger Volt: 28KV
  • Tube Operating Volt: 22KV
  • Operating voltage: AC 120V 15A, 50/60Hz or 200~220V, 8A, 50/60Hz (recommended for 200W or above)
  • Tube Current: 26~28mA (30mA max)
  • Max laser tube length: 70"(1778mm)
  • Precision: 0.05mm , resolution: 0.1mm
  • Lens: 63.5F 21.5mm Mirror: 30mm
  • Speed: 600mm/s for X , 300mm/s for Y during engraving,
  • Clearance between laser head nozzle and bed: ~35 mm
  • Wood cutting: up to 25mm (1"),  40mm acrylic with 100mm focus lens & 300W tube
  • Water Protection: Yes
  • Optional 4x4honeycombs available
  • DSP Controller: Comes with a touch-screen AWC7824 controller with life-time warranty
  • Interface: USB port and Ethernet (RJ45)
  • USB memory drive support: Yes
  • PPI support: Optional (controller dependency)
  • Micro step panning: Yes
  • Real time simulation: Yes
  • Cooling: Water Chiller LO-1600W (included)
  • Application supported: CorelDRAW X5, X6, X7, X8, AutoCAD 2004 or higher version, Inkscape and more!
  • Shipping Dimension: 3480mm*2260mm*1371mm (137" x 89" x 54")
  • Machine size:click additional info below
  • Weight:1200Kg/2500lb
  • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty period except laser tube(1 year), optics and mirrors(6 months)

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Work Area:
8' x 4'
79"(with tube extension) x 138" x 43"
Default Tube:
100W (Upgradeable to 130W, 150W, 200W)
Lightobject / Trocen / Ruida (Default)
LaserSoft (Win) / LaserCAD (Win) / RDWorks (Win) / LightBurn (Win, Mac & Linux)