XLE 1800*1200 XY Stages complete kit for DIY CO2 Laser. 2 yrs warranty

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Product Description

Professional XLE1800 X-Y Stages complete kit comes with: a laser head, mounts, and reduction gear for building a CO2 laser machine. Ideal for making a Pro shop commercial laser machine and an excellent candidate for DIY hobbyist. We provide a warranty to cover any defective part within 2 years of your purchase!

Kit major parts summary

5x 2" anodized aluminum base bars

1x "X" slider & 2x "Y" slider

2:1 reduction gear box for X & Y

2x Nema 23 high torque 5.2A stepping motor

1x laser head for 25mm mirror and 20mm lens

2x mirror mounts for 25mm mirror

2x tube mounts

2x limit switches

4x 3-band axial coupling

1x "X" slider track

2x "Y" slider track

2x stainless steel Y axial


Working area: 1200mm x 1800mm (48" x 72")

Speed: X: 900mm/s, Y: 500mm/s (with driver set to 1/32)

Shipping dimension: 95" x 13.5" x 11"

Weight: 100lb

Note: Color may vary

X motor:

  • Brand: Lightobject 573S09 3-phase
  • Step angle: 1.2 degree
  • Torque: 128 oz-in
  • Current: 3.5 A
  • Resistance: 1.3 ohm
  • Inductance: 1.7 mH
  • Detent torque: 4 N.cm
  • No. Wire: 3
  • Weight: 0.75Kg (1.65 lb)

Y motor:

  • Brand: Lightobject 573S15 3-phase
  • Step angle: 1.2 degree
  • Torque: 188oz-in
  • Current: 5.2A
  • Resistance: 0.7ohm
  • Inductance: 1.35mH
  • Detente torque: 6.8 N.cm
  • No. Wire: 3
  • Weight: 1.1Kg (2.4lb)

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