Premium Stainless Steel Waterproof PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Probe (Threaded)

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This is a Premium quality 6.6 feet long stainless steel (304) water resistant (submersible) RTD PT-100 temperature sensor probe with thread. The cable is wrapped up by alloy mesh and sealed with a layer of Teflon.  The accuracy can reach 0.1 degree resolution and works well with most PID or Solar temperature controllers.


  • Type: PT100 (threaded, nut included)
  • Max temperature: 400'C/ 752 F Tip/ 280'C/ 536F wire
  • Thread length:16mm/0.64inches
  • Diameter of thread:7.8mm
  • Tip: Stainless steel 304
  • Tip Length: 4cm/1.57 inch (waterproof)
  • Tip Diameter: 5mm/0.197 inch
  • Wire length: 2M (6.5ft)

Please note: Only the tips portion is waterproof.