NorthStar 1500W fiber laser metal cutter

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We introduce a new member of fiber laser metal cutter with affordable price. This model suits small to medium businesses with low budgets without sacrificing quality.

We provide in-house one days of basic training free of charge, worth $1500.
(optional advanced or on-site training is available with fee)


  • Economic price
  • Low weight
  • Easy setup
  • Low maintenance




  • Laser power: Max 1500W laser source
  • Power: Single phase AC208-220V, 60Hz, 50Amp
  • Work area: 10x5ft
  • WeiHong cutting system
  • Pro auto-focus laser head
  • Heavy duties linear guide and rack pinion
  • Industrial water chiller/ heater
  • One year limited warranty


Cutting capability:

- Carbon steel: 12mm or 1/2",  max: 14mm or 5/8"
- Stainless steel: 5mm or 3/16",  max: 6mm or 1/4"
- Aluminum: 4mm or 1/8",  max: 5mm or 3/16"
- Brass: 4mm or 1/8",  max: 5mm or 3/16"

2-year warranty for parts & labor. Customer pay for traveling expenses for on-site service