Mini 2 Axis Rotary for Engraving/cutting Laser Machine

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LightObject's mini rotary for small K/D40 laser units or our desktop laser engraver machine. It is great for engraving cylindrical objects. 

The rotary employs two-axis with silicone rings on the rolling bars to prevent object from slipping. The silicone rings are soft and do not scratch the objects you are trying to engrave. Optional supportive arm can provide additional stability. 

Rotary in action on a SoloII Unit:



Additional stepper driver is suggested if you controller supports a rotary axis, but can work just fine as it can run entirely off your existing laser engraver stepper drivers.
(note: the little arm is not included)



  • Rotary Type: Roller
  • Motor: 42HS03 1.8A, four-wire
  • Roller Length: 200mm(8")
  • Roller diameter: 25mm(1")
  • Roller Adjustable distance: 20mm (13/16")
  • Dimension: 300mm(L) x 150mm (W) 
  • Suggested motor driver: Mini 2 phase 2A 1-axis stepping motor Driver

Disclaimer: The k40 stock main board will not be able to drive this rotary, using an external motor driver is highly recommended. Documentation or manual is not included.  Email, forum support, and phone support is available.