Laser tube power testing service

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So you are not too sure if the laser tube is the issue?  If you bring the Co2 laser tube to our location or ship it to us, we can test it for you. You will know right there and then if the issue is indeed the tube. 

This service includes the following:
1. We test the output power of your laser tube with a high precision industrial digital laser power meter. We will do the testing in front of you and show you the current status of your tube.
2. We will check the beam diameter and look for any issues in it. 
3. We provide suggestions/recommendations after the testing. 

NOTE: This service is provided to local or out-of-state customers. If the customer ship a laser tube to us, please be aware that we will need the return label prepared for us and we are not liable for any damages caused while in transit. 

NOTE: If the Laser tube turns out to be bad, and the customer decides to buy a replacement laser tube from us - We will credit you for the laser tube testing service.