Automatic laser air assist switch

J on Jul 2nd 2021

Are you tired of adjusting the air between cutting and engraving? Let this following setup do the job for you.

Many machines are using the wind output of the controllers to control the main air. For controllers that have wind output and status output, use the status output to control the main air switch, and use the wind output to switch air between engraving and cutting. For controllers with low output power, using an I/O relay to control the solenoid is recommended.

As shown in picture, there are two air paths to the nozzle. The upper one is for engraving with one time adjustment. During cutting, the lower path is open so the air flow is stronger.

note: Depending on what your machine is using, the "main air" can be configured differently. It can be another solenoid.

The following components have different voltage/size, you need to get the voltage/size that works for your system.

Leave a checkout note and we can include two free diodes for protecting the controller. Connect ground side of the diode to the 24V, positive side to the wind or status output.

Works on Ruida R6, Trocen 7824&7813.

Example of a relay controlling solenoid: