Aluminum knife/blade bed 1219x914mm working area

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Aluminum Knife/blade is easy to remove. Comparing to a honeycomb, fewer contacting points with the material produces less amount of burn mark. Blades are tensioned by the middle bar to prevent any vibration. Assemble it in 20 minutes.

Ideal for:

  • Thick material cutting
  • Cleaner cuts on Acrylic material
  • Machines that don't come with a blade table or DIY 1300x900mm or 1200x900mm units



  • Overall Width: 1360mm(including screws 10mm each side)
  • Overall Depth: 1020mm
  • Overall Height: 50mm
  • Blade Distance: 50.8mm
  • Knife/Blade width: 4mm
  • Number of knifes: 25
  • Weight: 30lbs