3 Digit Mini Blue LED DC 100mA Meter. Ideal for CO2 Laser Power Indicator (100mA)

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This meter is specially designed for a 100mA measurement (100mA full scale). It's ready to use with a CO2 laser power supply for a current indicator. Just connect it in series with the negative from the power supply to the tube and that will show real time current.


Power: 5V DC +/- 0.2V

Accuracy: +/- 0.5%
Type: LED (blue)
Range: 0-99.9mA
Resolution: 0.1mA
Dimensions: 45mm x 26.5mm x 20mm
Mount hole: 42mm x 25.5mm

Warranty: 3 Months

No shunt is needed and it is ready to use.


Please note: The meter is powered by 5V DC and you need a DC-DC isolated power module if you're trying to power it up using the same DC source with other devices.


Do NOT rely on the color of the wire for connection because it may change. Always looks for marking on the board: +5V, -5V, -IN, +IN


+5V, -5V: DC power source to power up the meter
-IN, +IN : +IN  connects to negative of the laser tube, -IN connects to the negative side of the laser power supply.