25mm High Quality Si Plated Reflection Mirror

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25mm diameter reflection mirror. Recommend for a 40W ~ 180W laser.

Diameter: 25mm
Style: Flat and full reflection
Type: Si Based


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    Posted by Amanda Stacey on Jun 29th 2021

    Purchased as replacements while preforming maintenance on my machine. Exactly as described and fair price.

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    Worth the price of upgrade...

    Posted by Jeffrey on Feb 11th 2021

    I purchased three of these mirrors a few weeks back to replace the very poor quality OEM mirrors in my 50W Chinese laser cutting/engraving machine. In combination with the new lens purchased earlier this year, it dramatically improves the performance of the system. The new lens alone allowed me to improve the quality of the focused laser beam, as well as allow me to perform the same operation at about 8% less laser power (I don't care about speeds, I'm more interested in beam/cut/engraving quality). The addition of these new mirrors has given even better results. Slightly lower laser power for the same speed, but better focal point beam quality (less peripheral burning), which leads to a smaller spot size. Ultra crisp super small focused spot size thanks to a minimum of scattered light through the cutting optic. You won't be sorry about upgrading to these mirrors... But don't forget to upgrade your focusing lens as well, to maximize the benefit.8/31/2019

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    Mirror, mirror, in my laser....

    Posted by Robert on Feb 11th 2021

    Love these mirrors. For the price, you cannot go wrong. They were packaged very well and look flawless. Perfect fit. Couldn't be happier!11/2/2018

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    Posted by Paul on Feb 11th 2021

    Smooth no scratches. Packed very well. Fit perfect! Awesome price !8/21/2018