Protection Goggle



Our laser safety glasses are designed to reduce hazardous laser eye exposure to safe and permissible levels by providing an optical density (OD). They also allow enough visible light transmission (VLT) for comfortable visibility in different environments like workshop, lab, factory etc. 

We offer the highest quality laser eyewear in a wide variety of different frame styles and optical densities suitable for most applications.


Quick tips on how to select the proper protective glasses

  1. Know your laser's wavelength. E.g. UV - 355 nm, Green - 532 nm, Alexandrite - 755nm, Nd:YAG - 1064 nm, CO2 - 10640 nm 
  2. Determine the protection level needed based on your laser’s output parameters, or look for the recommended Optical Density (OD).
  3. Choose one that offers the highest visibility (VLT).
  4. Find a frame that’s right for you.
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10 of 10 Items