Lightobject Q600W mini Water chiller

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LightObject LO-600W (AC110V 60Hz) Mini Water Chiller for Small CO2 Laser Machine or CNC Router 

Proud to introduce our In-House  LO Q600 Mini chiller.  This modular cooling system is our newest addition for our 2020 line-up, this product is designed by our engineers to provide you with an accurate, efficient, and reliable performance for water chiller during the most critical times. The Q600 mini water chiller is ideal for cooling low power laser tubes but can also cool tubes with a rating up to 90W.  For users using their tubes at full operation, the performance is better for tubes rated under 80W. 

The LO-Q600 is equipped with the JLD612 temperature controller,  a very versatile controller that offers accurate, reliable temperature control.

Go to JLD612 Temperature Controller Page

Advantages of this product:

  1.  Better Support.
  2.  Better Warranty
  3.  Fast Response


  • Environment-friendly refrigerant R134A
  • JLD612 Temperature Controller
  • Compact design
  • Over-heat temperature and water flow alert


New LO-600W water chiller manual can be download from here.


Suggested tubing:  8X12 Silicon Flex Tube for CO2 Water Cooling


Warranty - 12-month limited warranty from date of purchase. 



  • Cooling Power: 600Watt
  • BTU: 2,050Btu/hr
  • Power consumption: 360W
  • Input power: AC 110V, 60Hz
  • AC Current: 3.4A
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Pump power: 30W
  • Pump lift (cut off) : 5m (16ft)
  • Pump flow rate: 10L/min, 158GPH
  • Water Tubing Inlet/Outlet size: 8x12mm
  • Ambient Temp.: ≤35°C (95°F)
  • Chilled Water Range. 18~30°C
  • Water tank capacity: 4L
  • Unit Weight: 20kg (45lb)
  • Unit Dimension:  14.5"H x 14"D x 13.75"W (368mm x 355mm x342mm)
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 14 reviews )

Only had a over a week...

Review by Patrick on 1/15/2021

Excellent shipping time and packaging. Works well during long cutting times- keeps the laser water at 61 degrees F for an hour. Fairly quiet, too! My laser is listed at 50w, probably more like 40w, so I am not sure how well it would work with something over 60w. The water level glass has a backlight! Easy to tell how much water is in it. Only complaint is that it starts the pump with such pressure that the second time I used it, the pressure popped the output hose off. I needed to get metal cooling tube clamps to hold the tubes on. So I suggest the clamps and to change the plastic hose fittings to brass barbed.

2020 Mini Chiller review

Review by Joe on 7/11/2020

I purchased the new 2020 mini chiller version for my 40watt machine. Shipping was a bit expensive. As far as the chiller it is well made and chilled my water to 18c in under 4 minutes and then shuts down into a low power chill mode which is very quiet. Overall I am very happy with the chiller so far.

Works pretty well, could use some improvements and better packaging

Review by Trevor on 4/27/2020

This is a fairly nice unit, but I do wish they would make some improvements. First of all the packing/shipping. 60 bucks to let UPS beat the piss out of this is just too much. I realize it is heavy but 60 seems steep. Mine arrived with a big dent and crease on one side where it had been dropped at some point. The box is lined with blue foam, but it is very rigid and does nor rebound so one shot from the carrier and it is crushed and cracked and no longer provided any protection. As for the foam, my chiller was literally covered by blue dust from the foam Inside and out. It would be nice if it was placed in a bag prior to boxing. As for the chiller itself it seems to be quite nicely made with good fit and finish overall and tidy wiring etc. The temp PID is very confusing, and the instructions dont help much. It comes preset to a range of 23-25 C And for 500 bucks I should not have to download and print the 3 page manual myself. It also needs casters!!!!

Running my laser non stop...

Review by Anthony on 10/25/2018

Before this I had a make shift cooler which extended my laser time, but never long enough to do real production work. Well worth the upgrade. I could laser cut enough in one day to have paid for the unit. I just ran for 5 hours straight yesterday cutting coasters and it maintained my machine well. It's been almost a year since purchase and I would recommend this unit for laser cooling. My machine is a 50W with a 1M tube. This should handle full production on a 60W tube which will be my next upgrade.

Great value for the price

Review by Niles on 3/20/2018

Great product for the price. Instructions are hard to read due to translation and lack of detail, AND are written for a different model. Luckily it’s pretty much plug and play. Chiller does not have a level meter so it’s a little hard to know the right fluid level. Packaging was excellent quality with sufficient padding and even with a hole in the box upon arrival due to shipper handling the chiller was unharmed. It comes with Teflon tape for the fluid fittings. No leaks. Haven’t tried altering the programming but seems intuitive enough.

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