TL 45W CO2 Sealed Laser Tube

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Product Description

TONGLI laser tube is used for industrial cutting, quenching, carving, seal cutting, leather cutting and carving, handicraft processing, relief printing carving etc. It has unique work mode, long service life and high stability. 

1000mm laser tube with a maximum output of 50W  is a great candidate for industrial engraving and cutting leather, wood, and thin acrylic.

Note: This laser tube is not designed for the K40 machine which requires the 35W 700~720mm CO2 Sealed Laser Tube instead.


  • Power: Rated 45W (50W peak)
  • Triggering Voltage: 20KV
  • Operating Voltage: 15KV
  • Current: 18mA max. Recommended 16mA
  • Length: 1000mm (39.4")
  • Diameter: 50mm (2")
  • Water Cooling required
  • Water Cooling required. 18~24'C(64-75F)
  • Warranty: 3 months 

Note: 600W water chiller with a compressor (refrigerant) is highly recommended for cooling. 


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Courtesy reminder

Any damage that happens on the shipment; the buyer must report to us within 3 business days after receiving it. If failed to do so; this will result in the rejection of all claims. Customers must file a report to the carrier and keep all shipping materials handy for inspection. We're not responsible for any internal cracked after receiving, any damage caused during transportation covered by insurance.  The buyer is responsible for the shipping cost of a replacement tube if the order date is out of 30 days. Warranty acceptance or denial is subjected to the decision made by the tube manufacturers. Lightobject is not responsible for a denial under any circumstance.

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