TES-1310 Digital Thermometer Temperature Reader

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Brand new digital temperature meter supports Celsius & Fahrenheit. We special ordered a better type of a thermocouple sensor to accompany with this meter. It allows you to read up to 200'C (or 1300'C with custom K type TC)


  • Range: -50 to 1300'C (-50 to 1999'F) *
  • Resolution: 0.1'C, 1'C, 0.1'F, 1'F
  • Max Volt at thermocouple input: 60V DC, 24V AC
  • HOLD button
  • DC 9V (included)
  • Size:5.31" x 2.83" x 1.22"
  • Weight: 10oz

*: Need a special K type thermocouple to read over 200'C. The included thermocouple can sustain up to 200'C heat