PR430 400x300 DIY KIT

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LightObject's offers you this PR430 DIY Kit to help you build your own 400x300mm CO2 Laser. You get to choose the controller, laser tube, and other components that you want to include on this kit. This listing is intended for all DIY enthusiast who want to cusmize their own CO2 laser engraver according to their budget. 


What items you get to choose:

  • Laser wattage
  • Laser Power Supply
  • Controller
  • Power Z table
  • Motor to drive Z table
  • Water Chiller
  • Air pump
  • Exhaust Fan

What comes included in the beginners price list:

  • 1x High Speed PR430 XY Stage DIY Laser Kit
  • 3x 19mm High Quality SI Plated Reflection Mirror
  • 1x High quality 15mm ZnSe Focus lens(F50.8) 
  • 1x DC 24v 15A Switching Power Supply. 
  • 1x AC electricity EMI filter 20A
  • 20ft 8x12 Silicone Flex Tubing for CO2 
  • 20ft 5x8 Silicone Flex Tubing for Air Assist 
  • 1x Emergency Push Button Switch 
  • 1x small DC 30mA Analog Panel Meter
  • 2x Magnetic limit switch
  • 15ft 3 Wire Limit  Switch/Sensor Cable
  • 15Ft 2 Wire Limit Switch/Sensor Cable
  • 2x Leadshine mini 2 Phase DM422 2.2A 1-axis Stepping Motor Driver(For x and y axis)

    Without bundle total: $617.10This Bundle: $517Save $100!!!

Disclaimer: This listing is DIY and the intented audience are individuals who have some previous experience either with a CO2 Laser engraver or electrical background. Limited customer support is provided, and no step by step instructions manual is provided. Summary, images and other aid IS provided via phone, email and forum.