KATANA G-series 8' x 4' CO2 Hybrid Metal/Non-metal Laser Cutting Machine

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Product Description

LightObject’s Katana G-Series is a professional-grade hybrid laser engraving/cutting machine capable of cutting both traditional materials such as wood and acrylic as well as steel and other sheet metals. The Katana is manufactured with a reinforced chassis to handle increased material loads for metal cutting and high rastering speeds while engraving.

Compared to fiber lasers, hybrid CO2 lasers are a cost-effective approach to cutting metals that offer flexibility between materials as well as easy maintenance. While hybrid CO2 lasers produce cuts just shy of “production-quality”, the minimal slag that is produced is easily remedied. Hybrid CO2 lasers require supplemental oxygen or similar consumable gasses during metal cutting operations.

The Katana also features an autofocus system for metal cutting applications, eliminating the need to manually focus the laser between jobs. In order to ensure ample torque when driving the sizable gantry, the Katana utilizes dual-motor technology on the Y-axis. We have also utilized a chain-driven system in the G-Series model of the Katana, eliminating the backlash and other inconsistencies that are commonly associated with belt-driven systems.

While the default 130-watt CO2 laser tube is powerful enough to cut through 3/4” plywood, we also offer up to a 260-watt variant for those who require additional speed/power. Due to the power output of this unit, water cooling is required. As such, a LightObject 16000W chiller is included with the purchase of this unit.

On-site Free training for California Customers  We will spend a whole day with you to show you how to use the software and teach you basic maintenance skills. (Note: Customer pay for travel expense).

All our machines are Calibrated and Quality Controlled in California before delivery. 

Shipping & Handling to US customers in 48 states that can range from $1300 to $2000. Please contact us for checking shipping cost and other details.

Starting from Mar 2021 - LightBurn software included!


  • Capacitive Auto-height adjusting cutting head 
  • Operating voltage: AC 110V 12A, 50/60Hz or 200~220V, 6A, 50/60Hz (recommended for 130W or above)
  • CO2 Power:  Standard 130W laser tube; optional 150W
  • DSP: Ruida hybrid controller with universal Remote Controller
  • Precision: 0.05mm , resolution: 0.1mm
  • Cooling: Water cooled (chiller included)
  • Open bed design for easy material handling
  • Bed: blade
  • Clearance between laser head and bed: 45mm (1.77")
  • Gas assisted: Oxygen
  • Metal cutting capability: 1.5mm(~1/16") stainless steel and 2.0mm(5/64'") mild steel
  • Wood cutting capability: up to 19mm(3/4")
  • Interface: USB port and Ethernet (RJ45)
  • USB memory drive support: Yes
  • PPI support: Optional (controller dependency)
  • Micro step panning: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty period except laser tubes(1 year),  optics and mirrors(6 months)

Note: We only accept bank transfers and money orders. Full payment is required prior to shipment.


Other Details

Work Area:
8' x 4'
72" x 144" x 46"
Cutting head moving in Z direction
Default Tube:
130W (upgradable to 150W, 200W, 260W)
Ruida Hybrid
RDWorks (Win) / MetalWork (win) / LightBurn (Win, Mac & Linux)

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