Honeycomb Activated Charcoal for fume extractor

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This is the honeycomb designed activated carbon. Convenient to use and replace for purification.  Only high-quality nano-purified honeycomb activated is provided, made of shells, wood chips, and antharacite as raw materials through extrusion, carbonization, and steam activation to obtain honeycomb activated carbon. 


Fits in LightObject three-stages fume extractor

The price is for one box. One box has 36 blocks. Picture is showing one block.


Note: Honeycomb designed activated carbon is made of mold and fragile due to the porous honeycomb design. Missing corners or detachments on the edge might occurred, which is normal and does not affect the use function. 



  • Block Dimensions(W*D*H): 100x100x51mm
  • 220grams each