CUBE 500W Small Footprint Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

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Product Description


Carbon Steel

1.0 6 O2
1.5 3 O2
2.0 2 O2
3.0 1.5 O2
4.0 1.2 O2
5.0 1.0 O2

Stainless Steel 304

0.5 15 N2
0.8 12 N2
1.0 9 N2
1.2 5 N2
1.5 3.8 N2
2.0 1.8 N2
2.5 1 N2
3.0 0.5 N2

Aluminum (Use with caution. Reflection may cause damage on the laser module)

0.5 15 N2
1.0 10 N2

  Power:  500W

  Operating voltage: Single phase AC 208V, 40A, 60Hz

  Type: Ball Screw

  XY Precision: 0.04mm (0.0015") or less

  Repeat Positioning accuracy: 0.01mm

  Auto focus: Dynamic auto focus laser head

  Speed: 300mm/s

  Water Protection: Yes

  Air assisted agent: N2(nitrogen) or O2(oxygen)

  DSP Controller: Shanghai CypCut

  USB memory drive support: Yes

  Real time simulation: Yes

  Cooling: Water Chiller LO-2700 (included)

Shipping & handling to US customers in 48 states range from $1,000 to $1,800 depends on your location. We ship directly from our warehouse in China through ocean freight. The customer is responsible for unloading and settling. Customer is responsible for any assisted equipment that needed for unloading such as a forklift.

  • Warranty:1 year on laser module
  • United States Support Team!
  • Free 2 day training
  • Optional extended warranty and service contract available for an additional cost.

Note: We only accept bank transfers and money orders. Full payment is required prior to delivery. A 30% restocking fee required for  cancellation when a machine is ordered or shipped. S/H is non-refundable. Buyer pays for return shipping cost.

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Demo1 (3mm Mild Steel):


Demo2 (1.5mm Stainless Steel):

Other Details

Working area (x, y, z):
24" x 23" x 4.7"
52" x 73" x 88" (not include control panel)
Cutting Head moving in Z direction
Supported file format:

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