COMBO Explorer C500 Fiber Laser + CO2 Metal and Non-Metal Cutting Machine

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LighObject's Explorer X500 is an ideal laser system for those who need the functionality of both a fiber laser (metal) and a CO2 laser (non-metal) system. The fully-enclosed system facilitates both fume extraction and safety, while retaining a small footprint. The inclusion of a fiber laser allows for cutting metal with increased speed and precision when compared to hybrid CO2 lasers or plasma cutters.

With a combination of both a 500-watt fiber laser and a 130-watt CO2 laser, this machine can easily replace two other machines to ensure that space constraints aren’t an issue in your manufacturing environment. With the ability to cut up to 3mm stainless steel using the fiber laser or 3/4" plywood with the CO2 laser, the Explorer X500 doesn’t sacrifice any quality to achieve the compact design.

Due to the power output of this unit, water cooling is required. As such, a LightObject 2300W chiller is included with the purchase of this unit.

  • Laser power:  Fiber:500W,   CO2: 130W
  • Work area: 1300mm x 900mm (51.18" x 35.4")
  • Metal cutting capability: 3/16" (5mm) steel, 1/8" (3mm) stainless steel, 1mm aluminum
  • Non-metal cutting capability: Solid wood, plywood, MDF, bamboo, acrylic, leather, fiber up to 18mm (5/16")
  • Gas assisted: O2 and N2
  • Cooling: 2300W water chiller (included)
  • Power: Single phase AC208V, 30A, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Motor: XY 750w Delta or Scheider Servo Motor
  • Transmission way: Y-axis import rack & pinion, double driver, X-axis imported ball screw
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 94" x 90.5" x 63" ±1"
  • Weight: 3800lbs ±200lbs 
  • Upgradeable: 1000W (3/8" steel, 3/16" stainless steel, 1/8" aluminum or brass)


  • Warranty: 1 year on machine
  • United States Support Team
  • Free 2 day training (in our facility)
  • Optional extended warranty and service contract available for an additional cost

The customer is responsible for unloading equipment such as a forklift.

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Working area (x, y):
51.18" x 35.4"
96" x 86" x 72"
Cutting Head moving in Z direction
Fiber: 500W; CO2:130W
Supported file format:
OS System:
Windows 7 Ultimate
Actual Working Area:
Distance between laserheads:
Fiber Software:
Fiber 500W
CO2 Software: