C2513 1000W Pantera 2500x1300 8'x4' Fiber Optics Laser Cutting Machine

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Product Description

LightObject’s Pantera is a professional-grade fiber laser cutter that features a 1000-watt fiber laser source. Capable of cutting up to 300mm/s with repeatability down to 0.01mm, this unit is a must-have for any metal fabricator!

Fiber lasers offer increased speed and precision as well as less job cleanup when compared to hybrid CO2 lasers or plasma cutters. This increased speed doesn’t come with drawbacks, the Pantera can cut through materials twice as thick as our Katana Hybrid CO2 Laser series.

The included DSP Controller features an LCD that displays job progress in real-time and supports a wide variety of vector art formats. Due to the power output of this unit, water cooling is required. As such, a LightObject 2700W chiller is included with the purchase of this unit.

The Pantera is capable of handling materials up to the following thicknesses:

10mm Carbon Steel (O2)

3mm Stainless Steel (N2)

2mm Copper (N2)

2.5mm Aluminum (N2)


Carbon Steel

1.0 15 O2
1.5 10 O2
2.0 5.5 O2
3.0 4 O2
4.0 2.5 O2
5.0 1.7 O2
6.0 1.5 O2
7.0 1.2 O2
8.0 0.9 O2
10.0 0.6 O2

Stainless Steel 304

0.5 15 N2
0.8 12 N2
1.0 9 N2
1.2 5 N2
1.5 3.8


2.0 1.8 N2
2.5 1 N2
3.0 0.5 N2


1.0 13 N2
2.0 3 N2

Aluminum (Use with caution. Reflection may cause damage on the laser module)

0.5  15 N2
1.0  9 N2
1.5  6 N2
2.5 3.5 N2

  Power:  1000W

  Operating voltage: Three phase AC 380V, 60A, 60Hz (208V>380V transformer included)

  Type: Rack & Pinion

  XY Precision: 0.1mm/1m

  Repeat Positioning accuracy: 0.01mm

  Auto focus: Dynamic auto focus laser head

  Speed: 300mm/s

  Water Protection: Yes

  Air assisted agent: N2(nitrogen) or O2(oxygen)

  DSP Controller: Comes with a LCD unit for motion control and power control

  OS: Win7, Win8, Win10  (32 bit/ 64 bit)

  Interface: USB

  USB memory drive support: Yes

  Real time simulation: Yes

  Cooling: Water Chiller LO-2700W (included)



Shipping & handling to US customers in 48 states range from $2,800 to $3,800 depends on your location. We ship directly from our warehouse in China through ocean freight

Estimated production time: 1 month; Estimated shipping time: 1 month

The customer is responsible for unloading equipment such as a forklift.




  • Warranty: 2 year on machine, 1 year on laser module
  • United States Support Team
  • Optional extended warranty and service contract available for an additional cost.

Note: We only accept bank transfers and money orders. Full payment is required prior to delivery. All sales are final, no refund







Other Details

Working area (x, y, z):
98.4" x 51" x 4.7"
137" x 88" x 66"
Cutting Head moving in Z direction
Supported file format:

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