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Great Tube (But tough integration into FSL Muse)

Review by Brett on 6/22/2019

The tube on my FSL Muse went bad after about 2.5 years of use. I couldn't stomach the $550 + shipping for the FSL 45W tube, especially considering how weak of a `45W` tube it is. When I received this tube it was labeled 50W SPT even though Light Object sells it at as a 45W. I run it at 45W to hopefully increase its lifespan. I've been using it for a couple of weeks with no issues. This tube allowed me to increase the cutting speed of 1/8" birch plywood from about 30-35% speed 100% power on my 45W FSL tube to about 60-65% speed on this SPT tube. If you are putting it into a Muse, the catch is that you have to cut a hole in the side and add some sort of extension to the enclosure. You should put a lot of thought into how you want to accomplish this for safety (enclosing the laser) and sealing (good fume extraction). Probably not a project for someone who isn't mechanically inclined. Thank you Light object for doubling my Laser's ability at a tube less than half the cost of FSL's 45W

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