Special Pro laser head mount for 30mm mirror & 25mm focus lens. LR Type

Price: $95.00
15 units available
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This is a quality made laser head for CO2 laser machine. It's designed to carry 25mm focus lens and a 30mm reflection mirror. This is a special laser head common use for higher power system with a beam expander.

Adjustable length: 40mm

Mirror holder diameter: 30mm

Lens holder diameter: 25mm

Beam entrance hole diameter: 20.25mm

Beam direction: Left to Right

Barrel diameter: 36.67mm(OD), 31.9mm(ID)

Note: Good for focal length 63.5mm/2.5" focus lens. If focal length is more than 63.5mm/2.5", proper replacement tip/adapter is required.

Air assisted plug included(picture does not show)

Suggestion tube to use with the air plug: 10ft 6mm (4mm ID) Pneumatics Air Water Tube


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