Traction Rotary for CNC or CO2 Laser Machine

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Quality rotary attachment ideal for engraving/cutting cylindrical objects for laser machines.  

Perfect for engraving on mugs, to wine bottles, canteens!


The rotary comes with no connector so wiring to fit your machine can be done by you. We are here to help you out with the type of connectors that you need and any questions that you might have through the installation process. 


- Motor: NEMA 23 2 phase 572HS09 3.2A stepping motor

- Precision: 0.05mm

- Overall dimension: 19"x10"x6.5"(482.5mm x 254mm x 165mm)
- Rack spacing: 1" ~ 12" (adjustable)

- Net Weight: 15lb

Package List:

1 x Rotary Axis (2 phase)

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