6ft PT100 RTD 0.1 degree Sensor Probe

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This is a 2m (6.6ft) RTD PT-100 type thermo sensor. It provides "0.1 degree" resolution and works well with most PID or solar temperature controllers. Max temperature: 400'C Tip/ 280'C wire. Tip diameter is 5mm. Tip is 4 inches(100mm) long.

Note: this probe should be dry. Do not submerse the whole probe inside the water or it will get damaged. If you must use it to test fluid temperature, make sure that only the tip touches the fluid and must clean it after use.

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Not Accurate Enough for Sous Vide

Review by Ed on 1/1/2016

There is no Class rating for this sensor, and from what I've read in the forum, these are allowed a 10 percent tolerance before being considered defective. Mine measures 100.1 ohms at 32.6 degF (great!) but 135.6 ohms @ 210.6 degF (poor) (controller displays 199.2 degF). At a SV of 137 degF, my controller display shows an ever-changing +1 to +3 degF temperature change. There are calculators available online that show what the Pt100 resistance values should be at any given temperature, and these are not accurate enough for demanding applications like sous vide. Reply(LO): It could be a defective probe you received. Or, you may get the sensor probe wet and it will cause the sensitive error.

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