30mm T-Slotted Extrusion Aluminum Bar

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30mm x 30mm (1.2"x1.2") Extrusion Aluminum Bar


Minimum order: 12in


Note:  Minimum order is 12 inches

Unit price is per inch

Note: We do customized cutting, however we don't have a CNC machine for extremely precise cuts.  Each order may add 1/8" extra.   Please leave us a message how long you need the Extrusion bar to be - thank you!

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Great Stuff

Review by James on 1/23/2015

Good weight, easily cut, good rigidity. Works well w/ 20-series brackets. Pretty handy, easy to use stuff. You have to shop around if you want 'drop-in' nuts and go to a M4 or M3 screw - the slots are only ~6.4mm wide. Channels are ~10.5mm wide, face to trough ~10.5mm, back of face to trough ~8.5mm, core 9mm, center hole 5mm. Thinnest web ~2mm.

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